The Sara Cohen Satellite Class

Concord Primary School hosts two Sara Cohen School Satellite classes. One is named Pikopiko and the other is still yet to be named. These two classes are for primary aged students. The second Sara Cohen satellite class is currently under construction. The expected date of completion is at the end of term two. The two classes are currently combined.

Students get the opportunity to integrate into some mainstream programmes and whole school activities eg. the Life Ed Bus, Singing Assembly, and when we have visiting entertainers here. Some Concord students also get the opportunity to integrate with Sara Cohen students in their classes and playground. The Sara Cohen students add a special dimension to Concord School. 

Students receive nutritious milk through Fonterra Milk for Schools.  

Teachers: Tony Pickles & Eseta Fuli

Teacher Aides: Donella Oaks, Sarah Greer, Nick Askin, Linda Strang

Student Roll: 9




Pikopiko is a Māori word for the young curled shoots of ferns. The pikopiko was one of the foods that was eaten at matariki feasts. 


Sara Cohen School is a specialist school that enrols students from 5 to 21 years of age. Its base site is located at 44 Rutherford Street. There are three offsite satellite classes: two junior primary classes based at Concord School and one upper primary class based at Bathgate School.

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