Room 4

Room 4 is a mixture of Year 3 and 4 students who are enthusiastic learners.

There is a strong focus on the Character Strengths and Virtues within the classroom, and the children still enjoy having Circle Time to play fun games and discuss any problems they may be having at school. The children are learning to tell stories to the class at storytelling time and this is a great time to practice oral language skills.

Every other Tuesday the Sport Activator comes to show the children fun sports and games. The new PE and Health programme, Play Is The Way is very popular.  Not only do the children learn different games and skills, they also learn how to work together as a team, to get on with others and to keep trying, even when things aren’t going the way we want it to.

Mrs Seque has been using a times tables CD and the children are becoming experts at knowing them.  Some children are even faster at saying them than the teacher.  It’s become a bit of a competition.

Curious Minds happens every Thursday from 11.00 till 3.00 in the senior school.  Even though it is topic based, there is a strong emphasis on thinking games, philosophy and self-directed learning based on children’s own learning styles. 

We have our CARE expectations throughout the school and the children enjoy gaining CARE cards to earn prizes throughout the year.

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