Room 3

Room 3 has Year 1 and Year 2 pupils, nineteen in total, and is taught by Fay Young.

The children take pride in their classroom, and work to create a friendly, helpful atmosphere. The CARE card concepts, encouraging confidence, being respectful, responsible, and striving for excellence, guide behaviour and learning.  Goals set with parent and child at the beginning of the year, are revisited and adjusted during the year. 

The children are encouraged to develop independence, and responsibility for their own learning. Thus they select their own browsing box book for homework, are expected to bring homework to and from school, work with a partner at reading, and maths rotation activities, and develop teamwork abilities. They have duties/responsibilities to carry out at the end of the day on a rotating basis. Visual displays of what happens during the day, resources to guide independent work, and modelling books with examples of what is expected are used by the children.

The school wide positive education approach incorporating Circle Time, Strengths/Virtues, and Play is the Way is emphasised through many classroom activities, discussions, and PE lessons, some of which are taken by our Sports Activator.

The Big Day Out, school duathlon, school cross country, Duffy Books in School, Walk ’n Wheel to School, Beach Education day, end of term ‘Open Nights’, as well as visits to Concord kindy make up some of the special activities the children look forward to each year.

Literacy and Numeracy are priority-learning areas. Reading and writing are emphasised throughout the day, and practice at home is encouraged through spelling and reading homework.  Reading library books, and Duffy books are also a good way to encourage reading mileage.

Our maths programme includes following the Numeracy initiative, and the teaching of Geometry, Measurement, Statistics, and Algebra using units of work and resources such as picture books.  The introduction of Mad Maths Minute to practice basic facts learning at home as well as school is proving to be effective.

We believe in the partnership between families, school, and community to help each child achieve their potential, and to this end, we value your input and support, in class activities and on excursions.

Come visit us in Room 3!

Reading to the class Junior playground Duathlon 2016
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