Room 1

Room 1 is the new entrant/Year 1 classroom, taught by Mrs Sue Howard.

The year started with 12 students but this changes as new students arrive or (unfortunately) when families move out of the district.

The atmosphere in the class is happy, positive and safe.  The children are all keen to learn and do what is expected of them. The classroom environment is colourful and stimulating with children's work displayed as well as resources to help with learning and independence such as visual timetables, group rotations, word wall, maths corner etc.

We participate in the school wide Quality Circle Time Programme and Strengths/Virtues Programme which support our school vision. On Fridays we have "sharing news" where the children bring a favourite book or toy from home to share and discuss. This helps develop the children's confidence to speak in front of others as well as their oral language skills.

School Visits and Starting School

Our classroom runs a pre school programme called Clever Cats. Children from 4 ½ years of age, and their parents or caregivers, are welcome and encouraged to visit and participate in this developmental programme.  It runs every second Friday of the term from 1.30 till 3pm.  Visits are also arranged for the more structured morning sessions during the two or three weeks prior to the child starting school.  This helps children with the transition to school.


Learning to read and write is an important part of our day and is based on sound educational principals. Children are taught the relevant skills and strategies to help them progress to the best of their ability and are continually monitored and supported. 

Success at learning to read happens for children when they are able to practice the skills they learn at school by bringing home easy readers to show how good they are.  They also bring home poem books, library books and their own published stories to share.

The 'Jolly Phonics' system is part of our literacy programme.  This programme helps the children to develop skills of phonological awareness that are necessary as a problem solving strategy during reading. The children are also taught the links between reading and writing and when writing will record the sounds they hear in unknown words, using their Jolly Phonics knowledge.


Numeracy makes up 80% of our maths programme and the remainder is related to various topics such as geometry and statistics.  The level each child begins at when they start school is determined by their number knowledge and skills.  For most children the initial emphasis will be on developing number knowledge.


We value the support and input from our parents and caregivers and appreciate that your child's education is a partnership between home and school.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage if you have any queries regarding your child or our school.  Information packs are available from the school office and a visit can be arranged.  The school usually holds an Open Night once a term as well.  We look forward to getting to know new families.

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