Enrolment Information

The enrolment process is very easy. Please contact the school office to get an enrolment pack, then simply return the enclosed enrolment form any time before your child is due to start school. Please also include a copy of your child's immunisation certificate and birth certificate (new entrants only), or bring these to the office and we will copy them for you. These are a legal requirement.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to ask a teacher, the staff at the office or another parent. We are a small and very friendly school and we are only too willing to help.


A stationery list is included in the enrolment pack. All stationery is available to be purchased from the school office. We would like stationery to be purchased and items named before your child's first day. This makes settling in much easier.

School Accounts

The Board of Trustees endeavours to accommodate all costs into its allocated budget annually. However, as is common practice, it sets an annual activity fee per child and a donation request per family each year to allow for maximum opportunity for education outside the classroom in particular. For 2013 an activity fee of $45.00 per child and requested donation of $25.00 per family has been set.


Here at Concord we are proud to have a comfortable and attractive uniform for our pupils to wear, in our colours of light blue and dark blue. The uniform is available for purchase from Postie Plus and our Parents Group have a collection of second-hand uniforms for sale.

We encourage the children to wear the uniform with pride and to look after it well. We also ask parents to ensure that every item is named, as they do all look alike!

Recently we were given a set of fluoro vests for children to wear when walking or biking to and from school. This was a kind donation from the local Green Island Lions club to support child safety on the roads. These are issued to the children at the start of every year and collected in at the end for children to wear the following year. They belong to the school.

At Concord School the uniform is compulsory.

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