Pupil Wellbeing

Concord Kids CARE

AT Concord School we follow the CARE expectations. These are important to support and promote a safe, happy and successful learning environment. These expectations are discussed regularly in classes and at CARE assemblies.

Our golden rules

Quality Circle Time

Quality Circle Time Students in Quality Circle Time.

Concord School has been working with the Quality Circle Time contract over the last three years with a cluster of South Dunedin Schools.

There are many parts to the programme but essentially it is a social programme that provides a structure and strategies to sort out any relationship problems both within classrooms and the playground, provides a variety of options for playground activities, and rewards and celebrates children for good choices they make with their behaviour.

Classroom Circle Time

Circle time is an opportunity for children to play some cool games and have fun. It is also a way to talk about any classroom or school issues that are bothering them. Everyone is able to give advice and also take responsibility for helping another child with their problem. The children especially enjoy thanking others for being a friend or even apologise for upsetting another class member. With circle time, children can practice oral language, co-operation, have some physical activity, practice being calm and focus on solving problems. It is timetabled weekly.

Key Concord Strengths


The Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour is a service based in the South Dunedin area for schools like us to access when we need to meet the learning and behaviour needs of some children in a more specific way. These teachers have special skills to work alongside our classroom teachers and assist us to put programmes in place to help these children.

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