Clever Cats

Clever Cats

Clever Cats Concord School pupils working with Preschoolers in the Clever Cats programme.

Every second Friday Concord school welcomes visits from preschoolers due to start school within the upcoming term.

This programme consists firstly of each child being having a buddy who is a year six pupil. Within our well resourced library the children share stories with each other.

This pre entry programme allows for the older pupils to be a positive role model for the younger pupils. It also encourages new entrants to develop an association with an older pupil. This gives the preschooler a peer who is familiar to them when they become a Concord pupil.

After their library visit all the younger children return back to room two where they participate in a craft activity which involves the use of fine motor skills. There is also time within this programme for the children to have some developmental time where they can have some independent play using classroom equipment.

Closer to the time when preschoolers are due to begin school, morning visits are arranged in which the child becomes a class member in room two. This is when they are introduced to their formal schooling and take part in learning within the numeracy and literacy programme.

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